Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pilih Yang Mana?

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Is There Any Relation Between Make Up History With Cats Pretty Face?

Take a closer look on a pretty cat’s face, examine the details of its colors and patterns. Don’t they look as if they’re wearing make up? Let us begin with the eye shadow, mascara, blush on, and lipstick. I believe that human have been developing to wear make up were actually adopted from cats colors and patterns on their face. Ancient Egyptians had been well-known worshipped cat as their Goddess. It is the prove that human were inspired by cats’ pretty face.

There are also few opinions who disagree with the aforementioned finding. Some of their reasons are the ancient Egyptians were great users of make-up, but never heard of it as having anything to do with the cat goddess, Bastet and wouldn't have thought that she would be particularly associated with make-up, as she had the head of a cat.

According to the most recent anthropology findings, the use of "make up" predates written history, in that it was used as far back as the cave dwellers. Make up as a form of beauty enhancement can be traced back to before the Egyptians became a nation state. As for Chinese and the orient having the first known depictions of people wearing some type of make up to enhance various parts of the body.

It is believed that the Egyptians are however the first group of people to utilize make up as part of their daily lives and extensive trade of Kohl is depicted in their writings. The practical reason why ancient Egyptians of both sexes and all classes used kohl on their eyes is that darkening the skin around the eyes helps reduce the glare of bright sunlight, thus this is something common in Egypt. Of course, once you start putting stuff round your eyes, you want to make it look attractive too.

Despite of all the cons abovementioned, indeed feline is truly inspirational for human in any century. They have become our mirror, as reflection for us to reach higher meaning of life.